Brian Merel

Private Chef

Simple. Sexy. Beautiful. In the day to day, these terms are rarely equated with food...instead, cooking is often considered a chore.

A whiff of fresh bread baking in the air often makes us salivate. The smooth textures of chocolate can drive us insane with lust. The sight of a gleaming white scallop can send us to the moon.

So this begs the question...why don't we take advantage of something that can give us so much pleasure? Intimidation and time—what we don't know or understand—pushes us in the direction of the microwave meal or calling for take out.

That's where I come in. To teach, guide, inspire and enlighten about the simple and healthy—as well as exotic—cooking methods to incorporate into your daily life. My approach is easy: tell me what you want to achieve and we'll serve it up. Nothing less than my undivided attention and inspired, creative cuisine will be plated.

Arrangements can be made for private dinners, cooking lessons or group events to learn some savvy kitchen techniques before enjoying a truly memorable meal.

I love to cook. And after I'm done, you will too.